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NATAS Adds Promos to News, Sports & Daytime Emmy Awards

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is adding promos to its awards categories for the News, Sports & Daytime Emmy Awards it administers.

Citing the marriage of "the art of communication with new technology and production techniques," NATAS said Tuesday that this wedding needed to get the blessing of the Emmy judges.

Two classifications were created, but they could be adjusted and expanded, NATAS said in announcing the move Tuesday. Awards will be given out in the Institutional and Episodic categories, judged on creativity, content and execution.

NATAS will start off with news and documentary promo awards for 2007, to be handed out Sept. 22. Sports and Daytime promos will not be added until 2009 (for promos in 2008). A NATAS spokeswoman was not immediately available to explain why the latter would not be added now.