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Nat Geo's 'Indestructibles' Rates Well, Gets Fox Airing

After 1.2 million viewers (early estimate) tuned in for The Indestructibles: Helicopter Crash on Sunday night on National Geographic Channel, the video-driven series about amazing survival stories will get a sneak preview on the Fox network this coming Saturday night.

NGC said fast national numbers indicated the 1.2-million viewer figure. The series premiere episode, The Indestructibles: Helicopter Crash, at 10 p.m. averaged a 0.99 HH rating (707,000 HHs), 0.68 P25-54 rating and 1.0 million people 2+, the network said.

This was followed by The Indestructibles: Crushed by an SUV at 10:30 p.m., which averaged a 1.02 HH rating (731,000 HHs), 0.69 P25-54 rating and 1.1 million people 2+, building on the first half-hour in all key demos, again per the network.

Fox will air a sneak preview on Saturday, July 16, of The Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash and The Indestructibles: Mauled by Lions, starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT. NGC is part of Fox Cable Networks.

In Flying Car Crash, an Ohio highway turns disastrous when Brennan Eden's car goes airborne. The car barrels down the grassy median and collides with the guardrail. It slams into the center post of the overpass and then explodes into thousands of small pieces. A nearby witness finds Brennan's bloodied and mangled body. Miraculously, he recovers, but he has no memory of the accident and no idea of how he survived. But he is on a journey to find out how with the help of a stunt team and a crash investigator. Through a series of experiments that re-enact the crash, we'll uncover what caused the car to go airborne. Experts reveal how Brennan survived the accident, which would have killed most drivers.

In Mauled by a Lion, lions go on attack during feeding time. Robert Bennett, a zookeeper who usually tends to the camels and giraffes, decides to help out with the lions because of a staff shortage that day. He enters the cage and places the meat at the lions' feeding spot. But in a split second, this routine feeding ritual goes horribly wrong. Two young male lions appear right behind him and leap onto him, dragging Robert down with their paws and hooking their teeth into his neck. Despite bloody injuries, he survives with no major damage. An experienced trainer re-enacts the scenario using dummies to better understand what actually triggered the attack.

An encore episode of The Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash will air on NGC Sunday, July 17, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

NGC will air The Indestructibles: 15,000 Foot Freefall, an all-new episode, on Sunday, July 17, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.