Chases Larger Audience finished its coverage of the 10-race Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup with overall growth of 19% in page views, which hit nearly 53.2 million during the 2011 campaign and revved up a similar 19% bounce in daily unique visitors, which grew to 898,488.'s RaceBuddy, an interactive live product that allows online users to watch alternative camera angles, also saw significant usage with around 4.6 million video streams or around 514,000 streams for each of the nine races where the RaceBuddy product was offered.

Matthew Hong, senior vice president and general manager of sports operations for Turner Sports, which manages, noted in a statement that the increased traffic came in a season where "we unveiled a new homepage, launched a new RaceView and extended coverage of RaceBuddy." also saw a 225% spike in video streams, which hit 6.6 million during the 2011 Chase, and significant growth in usage of its news (15% to 25.2 million);  fantasy games (80% to 3.05 million); multimedia (277% to 1.76 million);  local racing (17% to 843,099); among other offerings.