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Nanotechnology: IBM Looks To Put YouTube In Your Pocket

Apple IPhones can access YouTube, but IBM says it has achieved a scientific breakthrough in the field of molecular and even atomic-scale memory storage that could, ultimately, lead to the ability to store all the videos on YouTube on a device that small.

The company said Thursday ( that in a research paper on nanotechnology being published Thursday in the journal, Science, it will unveil findings about the magnetic properties of atoms that could lead to storing information on molecules, clusters of atoms or even single atoms.

While the technology is still on the drawing board and a long way from store shelves, the company says it may be possible to store more than 1,000 trillion bits of data on an iPod, or the equivalent of 30,000 full-length movies, it says.

"We are now one step closer to figuring out how to store data at the atomic level," said an IBM scientist.