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Naked charm: Winner has radio gig

Apparently there's no place like home for ultimate Survivor Richard Hatch. Weeks before the final broadcast of CBS' surprise TV hit, Hatch had signed on to host an hour-long radio show on WPRO(AM) Providence, R.I., near where he lives when he's not stalking tropical beaches.

Hatch's gig, which starts today (Aug. 28), is slated to last just through Friday. Beyond that, "you never know," said Andrea Scott, general manager of the talk/sports AM. "I don't know what it's going to turn into." Besides, she noted last Thursday, "I haven't heard him on the radio yet."

Hatch is being paid for his appearance, but station officials declined to say how much. And once Hatch was revealed as the winner of the series, they probably didn't care. "Technically, he could've been on any station in the United States," Scott said. "We got the biggest thing going."