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NAB's Weller Named to NTIA Spectrum Management Committee

Robert Weller, VP for spectrum policy at the National Association of Broadcasters, was one of 30 people tapped to advise the Obama Administration's top telecom advisory arm, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, on wireless spectrum management policy.

Broadcasters and the government are in the midst of a major spectrum management project as they prepare for a post-incentive auction repack of TV stations into smaller spectrum quarters, though how much smaller remains to be seen, and repurposing spectrum for wireless.

The goal of the committee is to get input on "strengthening the U.S. global leadership role in wireless technology services and innovation while supporting the country’s homeland security, national defense and other critical government missions."

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker made the appointments, which comprise representatives from wireless companies, computer companies, edge providers and others, including Google, Dish, AT&T, Cisco, Verizon, Facebook, T-Mobile and CTIA.

NTIA said Pritzker made the committee selections based on "their technical background and expertise, as well as a diversity and balance in points of view."