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NAB Urges Members To Launch Local Relief Campaigns

The National Association of Broadcasters is encouraging its
members--TV and radio stations and networks--to go beyond the time they have
already committedto a PSA with First Lady Michelle Obama to produce local spots with on-air
talent, which generally means the anchor team, to help out with the crisis in Haiti.

In addition, NAB has declared Feb. 1 as Broadcasters for
Haiti Day," asking stations to roadblock time periods (air programming at
the same time) for fund-raising programming/efforts including phone banks and

"The cruel reality of this week's disaster demonstrates
a desperate need for amplified relief efforts, and the outpouring of assistance
from America's
radio and TV stations is already under way," said NAB President Gordon
Smith in a statement. "Broadcasters are uniquely positioned to mobilize
the masses, and working with our disaster relief partners, we can help ease the
suffering of our Haitian neighbors. We urge all stations to participate in
'Broadcasters for Haiti Day.'"