NAB 2016: UHD, ATSC 3.0 Score High Among Consumers

Las Vegas — Nearly 70% of Internet-connected TV owners say the new opportunities offered by ATSC 3.0 are appealing, 60% said they’re interested in making their next TV a 4K version, and more than half want a set with high dynamic range (HDR), according to the results of a survey released in conjunction with the NAB Show.

The survey from Frank N. Magid Associates — interviewing more than 500 American smart TV owners — found that about two-thirds liked the idea that ATSC 3.0 would enable enhanced emergency alerts on connected devices, the ability to use immersive audio, and the ability to customize their viewing experience.

“Consumers clearly show a desire to take full advantage of the capability of 4K Ultra HDTV combined with HDR displays, including the amazing audio capabilities that the new broadcast standard will make possible,” said Robert Crawford, SVP for Frank N. Magid Associates. “Our research shows that more than two-thirds of those surveyed believe the new standard will result in a better viewing experience because of bigger and better picture, more free channels, better audio quality, and enhanced interactivity.”

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