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NAB: Rovi Shines Light On UltraViolet Encoding Tool

Rovi expects to show off one of the first commercially available production solutions to support the preparation of movies in the downloadable UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF) -- the "digital locker" standard backed by major Hollywood studios and others.

In addition to UltraViolet support, the vendor's TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 server-distributed encoding solution features a "disc-to-digital" capability designed to convert content owners' DVD catalogs into a variety of advanced formats, including DivX Plus Streaming and UltraViolet's CFF.

TotalCode Enterprise 2.0, to ship in June, also is to include an automated quality-control workflow that enables segment re-encoding, or the fine tuning of specific areas without re-encoding an entire title, via a project handover to TotalCode Professional.

In addition, Rovi is debuting the MainConcept SDK (Software Development Kit) 9.5, an updated version of its video and audio codec library.

MainConcept SDK 9.5, expected to be available in June, is slated to deliver an enhanced H.264 encoder; new format support including DivX Plus Streaming, 4K decoding and AVCHD 2.0; and compatibility with new hardware encoding technologies such as Intel's second- and third-generation of core processors with Quick Sync Video.