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NAB: Google Exec Preaches Commitment To Content Protection

Google vice president of content partnership David Eun used a Tuesday keynote presentation at the National Association of Broadcasters conference to once again assure partners and potential partners that the You Tube owner is doing all it can to protect their interests.

While he said the 10-minute limit on uploaded video covers 99% of submissions, he said the company continues to commit itself to protecting all copyrighted video.

“We respect the rights of content owners, period,” he told a standing room only crowd at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition to the much-magnified issues with major content providers in the United States, Eun also pointed out that the company is aggressively working on solutions for international issues such as when a video clip is cleared in one country but not another.

“It’s something we are putting our best engineers on,” he said.

Eun used the bulk of the presentation to walk through the different aspects of Google’s strategies, including an interest in growing the business of dedicated channels for individual content owners.

Eun cited recent successes in this arena with the National Basketball Association for an internationally-focused deal and with CBS for a NCAA basketball deal sponsored by Pontiac.