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NAB 2010: Foreman Recognized For Humanitarian Effort in Haiti

NAB Show 2010: Complete Coverage From B&C
High-flying Veteran media broker/consultant Richard Foreman got a salute from the National Association of Media Brokers (NAMB) Tuesday (April 13) at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Foreman was honored by his peers with a plaque in recognition of his humanitarian efforts in Haiti, according to a copy of the plaque.

Foreman, who is a pilot, joined a relief caravan, ferrying dotors and supplies to the earthquake-ravaged country in his private plane.

"This generous act of kindness is typical of Dick," read the plaque, adding that he is also "a tireless fund-raiser for the Broadcasters Foundation of America," which helps broadcasters pay the bills and gets needed medical attention in times of financial harship.

He was also a major financial contributor to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, NAMB pointed out.