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NAB 2009: Kelsey Grammer Honored as First Recipient of Television Chairman’s Award

NAB 2009: Complete Coverage from Broadcasting & Cable

Kelsey Grammer will receive the first Television Chairman’s Award at this year’s NAB Show Television Luncheon in Las Vegas. The new award will recognize people who have made significant breakthroughs in various disciplines in the TV industry.

A four-time Emmy Award and two-time Golden Globe-winner, Grammer has made his mark in theater, television, and film as an actor, producer, and director. He is most well known for the role of Dr. Frasier Crane in NBC’s Cheers and then in the spinoff Frasier. His four Emmys come from his portrayal of Frasier. Grammer has also done voice-over work for animated characters such as Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons and Stinky Pete in the movie Toy Story 2.

Grammer is currently the executive producer of NBC’s Medium and The Game on The CW. He will also be executive producing and starring in the ABC comedy pilot Pryors.

“Not only has Mr. Grammer earned his place in television history as an exceptional actor, but he has also excelled in producing, directing, and writing, said K. James Yager, CEO of Barrington Broadcast Group and chairman of the NAB Television Board in a statement. “His multifaceted talent makes him the perfect first-time honoree of this award.”

Another award winner being honored at the luncheon is Diane Sutter, president and CEO of ShootingStar Broadcasting and founder of the NAB Education Foundation’s Broadcasting Leadership Training program. Sutter is receiving the NAB Leadership Award.

The luncheon will take place on April 20.