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MySpace and Sony Pictures Television To Launch Minisode Network Today

MySpace and Sony Pictures Television on Tuesday are launching the new Minisode Network.

The online network will feature episodes from SPT hit shows pared down to three-to-five minutes in length while still retaining the full story arc of each episode.

The network will launch with three episodes each from 15 series. Among the shows available are classic hits Charlie’s Angels, Who’s The Boss?, Facts of Life and Starsky & Hutch.

Honda is on board as the exclusive launch sponsor, getting placement on the main page as well as a three-second billboard and five-second mini-spot before each minisode.

The network will add new minisodes every week and aims to have more than 500 available by year’s end.

While current shows won’t be part of the project, shows from SPT’s soap opera library are a possibility.

The Minisode Network will be exclusively on MySpace through August. While plans are not finalized beyond that, a play in the mobile world could be in the network’s future.

Sony is also looking at a similar model for movies.

"We are thrilled to be launching The Minisode Network, which will bring some of America's favorite television shows to a whole new audience in an interesting new format that's perfect for digital platforms," said Steve Mosko, president of SPT. "We've come up with an innovative formula to create quality short-form programming, showcasing the best of our extensive library."

Internet users can watch the episodes for each series at