'Multichannel News' Operator of the Year: Comcast

Comcast Corp. was named the Multichannel News' Operator of the Year by the editors of the magazine.  

Comcast has become the standard by which all other cable operators are judged over the past few years. And its performance over that period, despite nagging video losses, is enviable. The nation’s largest MSO continues to grow its base in high-speed data and telephony subscribers, while reducing basic video subscriber defections.

At the same time, the Philadelphia-based MSO has been an innovation leader, pioneering efforts in customer friendly user-interfaces (its X1 platform will be fully deployed at the end of 2013, with the next version, X2, rolling out in the fall), increased Internet speeds (it recently unveiled a 3 Gigabit per second service at NCTA show) and has been at the forefront of SVOD and TV Everywhere technology across its 21 million-subscriber footprint.

In a report on Sept. 30, the magazine will show how bigger can be better as an experienced team manages growth at the nation’s largest operator.