Mucha promoted at Disney

Zenia Mucha, who has run ABC's communications department for the last year-and-a-half, got a huge promotion Thursday -- to the top public-relations job at
The Walt Disney Co., replacing John Dreyer, who has held the post since 1992.

Dreyer is pursuing the proverbial "other opportunities," but he will remain a
consultant with the company.

Disney chairman Michael Eisner had this to say about his new top
communications executive: "Zenia is nationally recognized as one of the most
strategic and forward-thinking communications professionals in America today. In
every position throughout her career, she's earned the respect both of her peers
and of the national media. She also has an impressive track record of leadership
in both the public and private sectors."

Added Disney president Bob Iger: "Since joining ABC early last year, Zenia
has demonstrated her superb instincts and judgment. We're all looking forward to
her continued accomplishments as she now takes on these increased
responsibilities for The Walt Disney Co."

An ABC working stiff had this to say about her: "The woman is young and
energetic. She's got more stamina than anybody I know."

Mucha's official title: senior vice president, corporate communications.