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MTVN, Visible World Team Up on Dynamic Ad-Insertion

MTV Networks and Visible World are teaming up to give advertisers the ability to dynamically customize and target video ads in real-time across the programmer’s channels and Web sites, including the MTV, MTV2, VH1, CMT, Spike TV, Comedy Central, TV Land, Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite brands.

The partnership marks the most extensive national deployment of dynamic video-message customization across channels, programs and audience demographics, MTVN and Visible World claimed in a press release Monday.

“Our goal is to fundamentally change the way our viewers experience advertising by giving them an innovative experience, and our partnership with Visible World gives us the leading edge,” MTVN chairman and CEO Judy McGrath said in a prepared statement. “Our consumers can access relevant information from our marketing partners across every screen.”

Visible World’s technology and services enable advertisers to target, tailor, monitor and actively change video ads within seconds. Through the new deal, MTVN’s marketing partners can preprogram and proactively edit their ad content on the fly across linear TV channels and Web sites. Creative messages will automatically update anytime a spot runs to reflect the real-time context, audience, occasion, or business and market conditions.

“We want to offer advertisers the ability to speak to our fans in a timely, relevant and powerful way, and this deal with Visible World further unlocks the value of our multiplatform brands,” MTVN U.S. ad sales president Hank Close said in a prepared statement. “We’ve been working to change the game with audience targeting, commercial-pod formats and, now, through Visible World, the customization of our advertising solutions.”

The MTVN-Visible World collaboration could include multiple versions of a movie trailer edited to highlight themes, actors or scenes relevant to audiences of different MTVN shows, or to include real-time updates of box-office results and critical reviews.

Other potential applications include content-relevant ads that directly reference MTVN live programming including award shows, or serialized narrative ads that audiences control by texting live votes on how a story line should unfold. These options “have the potential to deepen consumer engagement with advertising in the era of time-shifting,” MTVN and Visible World said.

“We are excited to partner with MTV Networks to offer advertisers new strategic capabilities that optimize the effectiveness of their messaging across many platforms in this rapidly evolving media landscape,” Visible World president Tara Walpert said in a prepared statement. “MTV Networks’ ad partners will now be able to take advantage of the extraordinary power of television advertising, combined with the dynamic targeting and customization abilities previously available only in online or other digital media.”

MTVN is also extending the power of dynamic video advertising to its online portfolio via Visible World’s broadband division, which will combine the targeting capabilities interactive advertisers have come to expect with the power of dynamic, flexible, video messages.

Using the Visible World platform, advertisers can change spot format, length, and the creative message automatically depending on the medium. For broadband, advertisers will be able to create and monitor hundreds of versions of their video creative messages and deliver the exact optimized message to each Web browser.

The ability to automate changes in television messaging based on the rapid and precise feedback from a broadband environment enables MTVN to offer advertisers a compelling cross-platform advertising solution that can leverage its multiplatform portfolio.