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MTVN Re-Launches Affiliate Web Site

MTV Networks will officially re-launch its affiliate Web site on Nov. 14.

The new, password-protected affiliate site is media-rich and has been optimized to meet the various needs of the programmer’s 10,000 affiliates via an easy-to-maneuver layout, accelerated page load times, targeted ad sales information and marketing content, plus enhanced programming, promotional and spot pages.

“Just as we try to satisfy viewers through tested and targeted programming concepts, we’ve been working on this for over a year with affiliate feedback,” said Juliette Morris, senior vice president, content distribution and marketing at MTVN. “It’s performed incredibly well during beta testing.”

Providing easy access to previewing videos and clips, MTVN officials said the site, which features myriad materials from 26 networks, will enhance local ad sales teams’ facility to showcase schedules and sell-in sponsors, while marketing teams can more effectively build campaigns.

James Cole, director business operations for content distribution and marketing for MTVN, said that over the course of the year affiliates would have access to hundreds of clips and videos from shows and specials available.

“The site is self-navigational. With 26 networks, making all of the resources available quickly is challenging,” said Cole, who noted initial work on the site commenced in January 2006. “We want our affiliates to get to the options quickly and we set a bar of never being more than three clicks away from what they need to access.”

A shopping cart feature expected to be ready by Nov. 15, will enable affiliates to gather and order materials and, in turn, disseminate those materials to their colleagues. The application houses address book and order history functions for materials, including tapes and promotional elements, which must be shipped and reordered.

The site will also soon be home to an engineers and wireless sections.

Through the former, engineers and technicians will be able to manage online devices used to carry the programmer’s services, plus access launch forms and technical information. “In the past, they had to go to a head-end location to see the applications. Soon, they’ll be able to do it right on the Web site,” said Cole, who expects the engineers’ section to be ready by Thanksgiving.

As for the programmer’s wireless features, affiliates will have access to information and marketing materials on attendant programming, content and applications. This area is expected to go live by year-end.

MTVN has also been talking to Comcast Digital Media Center about its Ad Distribution Network, which allows for the high-speed Internet transfer of broadcast-quality content, commercials and promo spots

“We’re always considering what would work better for our partners,” said Morris.

Added Cole: “The previous site was leveraged to its max. The challenge is to build something that is flexible enough to adapt to our affiliates’ evolving needs.”