MTVA puts hold on tower

The broadcast tower that the Metropolitan Television Authority is looking to
build in Bayonne, N.J., as a replacement for the one destroyed in the World
Trade Center disaster hit a self-imposed delay, with the organization
itself slowing the Federal Aviation Administration's approval process.

"We received a request from MTVA to put their application and our analysis on
hold," FAA spokesman Jim Peters said.

The MTVA's proposal was circulated for comment by the FAA to the various
organizations that would be impacted by the tower's construction in Bayonne.

FAA airspace specialist Bob Alexander,who is analyzing the proposal and
will rule on it, received the call from the MTVA asking for the delay.

MTVA spokespeople were unavailable for comment, but a report in New
Jersey newspaper The Star Ledger said the hold was placed after the MTVA heard that New
York's Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility submitted a negative report
concerning the placement of the tower.