MTV, VH1 Unveil Lineups

MTV: Music Television's latest development slate is chock full of celebrity-driven projects, including young stars from the broadcast competition.

MTV has ordered up pilots for Cameron Diaz' travelogue, Trippin, as well as Granted, a reality show hosted and produced by actor Frankie Muniz (Malcolm of Malcolm in the Middle) in which three viewers get to live out their dreams.

MTV is also slating Borrow My Crew with P. Diddy's former sidekick, Fonzworth Bentley, in which celeb stylists help make over a viewer, and Show and Go, featuring That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama, in which car lovers build and race their ultimate cars. Other ideas in the works include Power Girls, a reality show about the lives of celeb PR maven Lizzie Grubman and her fleet of young publicists.

Sister net VH1 also unveiled its summer programming slate Monday, which will include the net's latest decade flashback, I Love the 90s.

The channel plans to add four new shows: Totally Obsessed, about people who are totally obsessed with various celebrities; Wack TV Passport, featuring outrageous TV footage from across the world; Smokin' Hot Talk, a sex-talk show set in a party environment; and A2Z, an alphabetical litanyof facts about a spotlighted celebrity.