MTV skeds fan reality series for May debut

MTV has commissioned the fan reality series Becoming, for a May debut, Reuters reports.

In each episode, a fan gets the ultimate star treatment and a chance at "becoming" their idol as they star in a reshoot of a classic video by their favorite artist. The Backstreet Boys and Destiny's Child are among the artists to be emulated during the project. The first four episodes of the half-hour series will premiere May 14-17, with the remaining six to air on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile, MTV's sister network VH1 is rolling out its reality series Bands on the Run, on April 1. The VH1 series follows four unsigned rock bands as they compete on the road for a big money music industry prize. VH1 has 15 episodes of the series to air. During the run, the competing musical groups travel to a new city each week, with the band that makes the most money in ticket and merchandise sales by the end wins.