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MTV Desi to Debut on DirecTV

MTV Networks will debut MTV Desi on direct-broadcast satellite service DirecTV Inc. Tuesday at 9 p.m. (EST), the programmer said Monday.

The new channel is targeted toward viewers who live in the United States but have ties to the Indian subcontinent.

The DBS provider will add MTV Desi to its “HindiDirect” programming package at no additional cost.

“MTV Desi will enable us to offer a unique blend of music and event programming that will speak directly to the young South-Asian audience,” DirecTV vice president, international Aaron McNally said in a prepared statement. “This is a terrific complement to our HindiDirect package, and it will help us to continue to grow our international customer base in the United States.”

MTV World general manager and senior VP Nusrat Durrani added, “MTV Desi will be the pop-culture destination for Desis and shine a light on the young South-Asian American experience. Young South Asians in the United States will finally be able to see themselves on television.”