MSOs Add Music from Synacor

Charter Communications Inc., Susquehanna Communications and Knology Inc. have added Synacor Inc.’s music catalog to their lineup of broadband-content offerings on their respective high-speed-Internet home pages.

Charter is branding the content under “Charter Music-To-Go,” a tiered subscription to 2 million songs that can be downloaded and played for $9.99 per month. Charter subscribers can also choose to download and purchase music for 99 cents per tune.

SusCom is offering subscribers “SusCom Music” and “SusCom Music To-Go,” both for a $6.99-per-month introductory price. Subscribers have access to the same 2 million-song library, and they can also purchase music for 99 cents per song.

Synacor has music from Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, plus several independent labels.

In related news, Knology added several news, gaming and customer-support sections from Synacor to its high-speed portal.