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MSNBC changes tag line

MSNBC is not "America's NewsChannel" anymore.

The cable news channel ditched its patriotic branding this week in favor of
more corporate synergy.

MSNBC now uses the tag line, "NBC News on cable 24 hours a day," and it is
changing its graphics to reflect the new message.

"This process should be transparent to viewers, so there should be no mention
of the change, just do it without fanfare," an MSNBC internal memo instructed

MSNBC adopted the America's NewsChannel moniker last summer, when it
introduced new talk and opinion shows, including Phil Donahue's talker.

That experiment, though, hasn't helped the network to gain on Cable News Network or Fox News

Now, MSNBC is trying to realign more with its NBC News roots.

The new branding, the MSNBC memo explained, "[Is] just getting our messaging
back to our core mission statement when we began the network."