MSG Varsity, Kaplan Educate Students On College Application Process

MSG Varsity and educational services firm Kaplan want high schoolers to get a better handle on getting ready for college.
Cablevision's high school sports network, which launched last fall in the operator's footprint in the New York DMA, and Kaplan are offering a host of benefits to Optimum customers and will launch a new show designed to familiarize students and their parents with the college application process.
Optimum customers can receive Kaplan PSAT and/or SAT online prep courses online (a $99 value) for students to review and engage in test-taking strategies, as well as gain access to the company's exclusive Webinar series, which discusses such topics as "SAT vs. ACT: Which Test is Right for You?" and "Paying for College."
Moreover, Kaplan is offering a 10% discount through Oct. 15 off the retail price on some of its programs, including college and graduate test prep courses, tutoring and review materials.
In addition to the online test prep offering, MSG Varsity is premiering on June 18 at 6 p.m. Prepare for the Next Level. The initial episode premiere examines test-taking strategies, an insider's guide to the college admissions process, plus advice from Kaplan experts aimed at giving MSG Varsity viewers a competitive edge in their preparation for selecting a school.
"MSG Varsity knows how busy students are, inside and outside of the classroom and we wanted to do something to help them and their families navigate through the complicated college application process," said MSG Varsity general manager Theresa Chillianis in a statement. "Kaplan shares our passion for engaging and inspiring students to strive for excellence and we are proud to offer this free benefit to our customer base."
Noted Michael London, vice president, corporate strategy at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions: "While Kaplan frequently collaborates with companies to provide employees with access to our programs, MSG Varsity is breaking new ground by making test prep available as a benefit to customers. We know firsthand the value of preparation in gaining a competitive edge in admissions, so we're pleased to partner with MSG Varsity to enable greater access to educational resources for new audiences."