Motorola Upgrades Software To Manage 'Multiscreen' Home

Motorola has introduced the EDGE Service Assurance software suite, which brings together several applications to let cable operators and telcos manage broadband devices, set-tops and gateways in subscribers' homes.

The cornerstone of the suite is the NBBS remote management software platform, which is being renamed EDGE Manager. The software -- which Motorola claims is used to manage more than 20 million devices by providers worldwide -- supports multiple protocols including Broadband Forum's TR-069, SNMP, OMA-DM,WIB, Telnet and HTTP DL Server protocols.

NBBS was developed by Netopia, a maker of DSL-based equipment Motorola acquired in November 2006. Last year, Motorola released the NBBS DOCSIS Remote Device Management Module, which provides the ability to manage an array of devices, including data and digital voice modems, integrated wireless gateways and video set-top boxes from multiple manufacturers.

Other optional modules for EDGE Manager include: DOCSIS 3.0 speed test (available with select Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 consumer-premises equipment); HomeNet gateway management; voice management for VoIP deployments; and support for Microsoft Mediaroom set-tops.

In addition, the EDGE software suite will include Motorola's eCare application, a support center application that enables customer-service agents to have user-authorized remote access and/or remote control of customer desktops; and MotoPLYR, a diagnostic application for IPTV set-tops from both Motorola and some third-party vendors.

"The evolution of the digital home is placing an increased support burden on service providers as consumers migrate to advanced gateways and multiscreen services," Alan Lefkof, corporate vice president and general manager of Motorola Mobility's Software Solutions group, said in a statement.

Motorola plans to split into two entities in the first quarter of 2011: Motorola Mobility, which combines the mobile devices business with the cable-oriented Home division; and Motorola Solutions, made up of its enterprise, government and public safety business units.