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Motorola Adds Voice Recognition to ‘DCT-2000’

Motorola Inc. and AgileTV Corp. want you to yell at your set-top.

The vendor announced Thursday that cable operators can now integrate AgileTV’s voice-recognition solution with its “DCT-2000” digital set-top.

Motorola said subscribers can "talk" to their TV through a remote control with an integrated microphone, allowing them to navigate digital programming, interactive program guides and on-demand services using phrases such as, "Find The Sopranos," "Scan sitcoms," or "Find movies with Julia Roberts."

The solution requires only a small receiver that attaches to the set-top to receive signals from the enhanced remote, the vendor added.

The technology recognizes more than 100,000 phrases and deciphers multiple languages. It has been field-tested in an alpha deployment on DCT-2000 boxes with USA Media Group cable subscribers for 15 months.