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Mohu Channels Lets Users Watch OTA, Stream, Surf

Mohu, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based maker of over-the-air HD antennae, has officially launched its Mohu Channels front-end device enabling users to manage OTA broadcast, Web-based and streaming content from a single screen.

Mohu Channels, consisting of a small Mohu Channels Tuner and a handheld keyboard that functions as a remote control, allows users to create custom TV guides combining the three types of content, eliminating the need to switch between various input devices connected to the TV. Mohu stated on its website that users need a Mohu HD  antenna to use Mohu Channels.

The company's HD antennae, including several designed for indoor use, range in price from about $25 to $150, and the new Mohu Channels package is $150. The product was developed following a Kickstarter campaign that drew more than 1,200 backers and soft-launched last fall.

Mohu antennae deliver the major English and Spanish-language broadcast channels and their digital subnets; with Mohu Channels, users can add streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu+ and Sling TV, as well as Websites to their custom TV line-ups.

Additional features include time-shifted viewing, with the ability to store up to 30 minutes of content and pause, rewind or fast forward OTA TV shows, and side-loading from USB-based devices connected to the TV.

"Cord cutting has gained massive momentum and is a reality for millions of Americans today," said Mark Buff, founder and president of Mohu. "We are on a mission to give cord cutters the widest array of options they need to watch TV seamlessly at a price they can afford. By providing a device that combines any content viewers want in one place and with a personalized channel guide, we're making the TV experience open and personal."