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MOcean Launches Premiere Promos Behind TLC's NY Ink, Latest Season Of Teen Nick's 'Degrassi'

Entertainment marketing agency mOcean is helping to put the promotion in motion for the upcoming campaign of Degrassi.

The Los Angeles-based shop has created on-air promos for the Teen Nick stalwart's 11th season, which is scheduled to bow on July 18, with another campaign examining such issues as AIDS, abortion, alcoholism, sex, suicide, depression, bullying, gay rights, homophobia, racism, drugs and eating disorders.

"For Degrassi, we wanted to create a dynamic summer campaign depicting kids having fun on the beach in Toronto," said Peter McKeon, mOcean's creative director on the production, in a statement. "I wanted the promos to have a raw, verite' energy to them, so we went hand-held on most of the shots. We also learned that fans of the series watched the promos frame-by-frame looking for clues, so we included interesting tidbits in the spots, so the fansites would be buzzing with speculation for the new season."

Check out some of the work here.

Matt Perreault, creative director of brand creative for Teen Nick was pleased with the promos: "We are ecstatic with the work mOcean has done for TeenNick on this project. They've created a spot that is not only visually gorgeous, but perfectly captures the authentic, emotional rollercoaster that Degrassi's characters will be going through in the new season. We wanted something remarkable that would get Degrassi fans buzzing and mOcean has more than delivered."
The shop's work for Degrassi comes as it has just put the finishing touches on the launch campaign for TLC's new seriesNY Ink, airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) and the Discovery Communications' service's Royal Wedding coverage