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MoCA Has a ‘Plugfest’

Eight member companies tested eight products at the Multimedia over Coax Alliance’s first-ever “Plugfest.”

The event featured an eight-node MoCA network using all companies’ products simultaneously sharing three HD videos, eight standard-definition videos and interactive gaming for a total of more than 90 megabits per second of full-motion digital entertainment

Participating vendors were Actiontec Electronics Inc., Entropic Communications Inc., Cisco Systems Inc.’s Linksys, Motorola Inc., MotoTech Corp., Panasonic Consumer Electronics, 2Wire Inc. and Westell Technologies Inc.

“MoCA members are now the first to Plugfest, and they will be the first to offer certified products that can deliver multiple streams of HD anywhere in the home,” MoCA president Ladd Wardani said in a prepared statement.

“Reaching this important milestone in such a short time period shows the hard work and commitment of the many companies in the MoCA family,” Wardani added. “It was particularly exciting to see all eight companies’ products form an interoperable MoCA network delivering multiple simultaneous streams of full-motion HD and SD video.”