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MoCA Certifies More Than 100 Products

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance has certified more than 100 products for the consortium's home-networking specifications, with more than 45% of those certifications coming since the start of 2010.

According to MoCA, about 85% of the MoCA-certified products are currently being used by pay-TV operators for multiroom digital video recorder features. The remainder are available in retail and installer channels. MoCA-certified products include routers, set-top boxes, Ethernet-to-coax bridges, optical network terminals and cable modems.

"What's particularly interesting about this milestone is the sheer rate of growth in product certifications in the last 18 months," said MoCA president Charlie Cerino, who also is vice president of Comcast Center Technology. "We expect this certification rate to continue as we expand into new geographic markets and into the home installer/retail segments."

The 55 members of MoCA include Comcast, DirecTV, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Cisco Systems, Motorola, EchoStar, Entropic Communications, Pace, Technicolor and TiVo.

Only 66 certified products currently are listed on MoCA's website. According to Rob Gelphman, chairman of MoCA's marketing work group, not all vendors want their products listed immediately upon certification. "Often a member's product is ready for a customer but not necessarily for public announcement," he said.

MoCA 2.0 delivers more than 400 Mbps of application throughput, compared with a maximum of 175 Mbps with the MoCA 1.1 spec.

Among the products listed on MoCA's site is TiVo's TCDA90000, certified in April 2011 for the MoCA 1.1 spec. TiVo previously said it was looking at using MoCA to provide multiroom DVR features.