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Mixpo: Facebook Continues to Dominate Publisher Ad Campaigns

Digital video advertising will drive nearly $10 billion in ad spending this year (up 28% from 2015), and a good chunk of that money is being spent on Facebook, according to a new survey of digital ad professionals by ad software company Mixpo.

The survey — which interviewed more than 250 digital ad professionals employed by U.S. publishers, along with 30 digital ad executives from media companies — found that 50% of those surveyed said they have run video campaigns on Facebook, with only 31% saying the same for YouTube. Twitter was a distant third at 17%.

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The survey found that publishers are most concerned about attribution and measurement, viewability and fraud when it comes to their digital ads, and that they find pre-roll, interactive pre-roll and in-banner video as the digital ad formats that bring in the best return on investment.

“Publishers are up against many challenges: Facebook battles to replace them as the daily homepage for information, mobile consumption is disrupting ad formats and inventory volume, and complex campaign execution,” said Kyoo Kim, chief revenue officer for Mixpo, in a statement. “Our research found, however, that as digital advertising matures publishers are beginning to operationalize in a much more thoughtful way, which allows them to realize more stable revenue opportunities.”

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In the past year, more than 60% of publishers said they sold video ads as part of audience extension packages. Meanwhile, 46% said that ad blocking remains one of their top concerns.