Missing the Real News

Editor: I agree with your commentary of Aug. 4, "TV's Big Assist." The last few years we have been so consumed with the sensationalism of the sexual prowling of people in the public eye that we have become distracted from the people who are trying hard not to be noticed—those who train in our country to fly planes, who set up headquarters in our neighborhoods, who travel in and out of the country undetected. They know that the media are their allies because they distract the American public.

Our government officials should be keeping us abreast of the wars. They should be having press conferences, but instead they are wiping their brows with a sigh of relief that the cameras are focused on something else. While America is waiting to see what happens to Kobe being caught with his pants down, we better make sure that our pants are pulled up, zipped and tightly buckled.

Carol Mangin, WCCB (TV) Charlotte, N.C.