Mindshare Study: Consumers Unbundling ‘More Than Just TV’

Homeland’s vibrating in-app ads or Syfy’s Sync app during 12 Monkeys—which wirelessly connects with homes that have the Philips Hue system and changes lightbulb color in time with the series—may have been more than just an interesting experience for viewers. According to a new Mindshare study, multi-sensory engagement “increases memory of content.”

The report also explains that unbundling in TV content, like CBS All Access or HBO’s upcoming streaming service, and digital properties, including Amazon’s democratic pilot process of letting viewers vote for which series get full season orders, has made consumers expect more tailor-made options. The study recommends becoming “an early mover” in the field. 

Mindshare’s research also says that consumers are willing to let brands help control their day, with 42% saying “I would like a trusted company to help simplify my daily life.” That number is up from 31% in 2012. It also recommends increasing customer intimacy via technology and giving easy-to-read pointed information when possible. 

These tips may help marketers appeal to the increased number of Americans disinterested in ads. The number of consumers who feel advertising helps them learn about companies and their products has dipped from 52% in 2005 to 41% currently.