Millionaire takes the summer off

According to Reuters, ABC network spokesman Kevin Brockman confirmed Friday that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire will go on summer hiatus at the
end of the current season.

It will then reportedly return as a "special-event" program in August, before
the launch of ABC's new fall lineup.

Reuters reported that Brockman said many ABC executives feel that
Millionaire -- an import from Britain -- may very well benefit from a

"If you rest the show over the summer, take it out of the public eye, don't
allow them access to the show and bring it back for a limited period of time --
six episodes, eight episodes, whatever -- I think we can relaunch it," he said.

"It will come back in August in the form it had when it first premiered [in
1999] -- short bursts of nightly installments where you can watch real people
change their lives," Brockman was quoted as having said.