Millennium promotes one-dozen

Millennium Sales and Marketing has awarded vice president stripes to a host
of general managers and sales managers at its regional offices.

The roll of the newly promoted (called in alphabetical order) is: Don
Brownstein, GM, San Francisco; Jim Byrne, sales manager, New York;
Jim Chittick, GM, Detroit; David Elliot, GM,
Charlotte; Karyn Kahn, sales manager, New York; John Lasiter, sales manager,
Atlanta; Scott Levy, sales manager, New York; Jennifer Richards, sales manager,
Dallas; Charles Robinson, GM, Philadelphia; Bob Tacher GM, Seattle; Allyson White, sales manager, Atlanta; Dana Wilson, sales
manager, Atlanta.

New York-based Millennium is a division of Katz Media Group Inc. that handles both large- and
small-market stations.