Microtune Rolls Out 1-GHz Silicon Tuner

Microtune Inc. has begun volume production of its “MicroTuner MT2121” 1-gigahertz silicon tuner, the vendor said Tuesday.

The company added that the new tuner will allow operators to migrate to higher-capacity systems that are able to handle video-on-demand, voice over Internet protocol, HDTV and home networking.

Microtune said the MT2121 can be deployed in single-tuner or multituner set-top configurations, residential gateways and media entertainment servers. It can also be implemented in digital-cable-ready TV sets, making them compliant with the Federal Communications Commission’s recent plug-and-play ruling, the company added.

“We're enabling our customers to deliver future-proof cable equipment that can efficiently scale with a cable systems' service and performance requirements,” Microtune chief operating officer Albert (Bud) Taddiken said in a prepared statement.