Microsoft: Pimp Your Boat

Want to surf the Web while you’re sailing the high seas?

KVH Industries Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are teaming up to bring “MSN TV” service and high-speed-data access to boats.

The companies said KVH’s “Mobile Internet Receiver” with a customized version of the “MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player” will provide in-motion access to Web browsing and Microsoft’s “Windows Media Player,” “MSN Mail,” “MSN Messenger,” digital-photo viewing, “MSN Video” and “MSN Radio.”

The system is controlled through a wireless keyboard, and broadband EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) data services with speeds from 400 kilobits per second to 2.4 megabits per second, along with a marinized, amplified antenna for extended range, provide two-way mobile connections, the companies added.

KVH said its Mobile Internet Receiver with MSN TV service will also include WiFi output to provide Internet connectivity to any WiFi-enabled laptop or other product.