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Microsoft, Nielsen Test To Measure How Web Ads Affect TV Tune-In

Microsoft's advertising division announced a collaboration with Nielsen that promises to give advertisers an idea of how effectively online advertising for TV programming leads desired viewers to actually turn on the tube.

The Television Online Effect pilot program, slated to kick off before Aug. 1, will use aggregate profile data from Nielsen's TV/Internet Fusion panel, an integrated database of more than 250,000 people that merges the Nielsen National People Meter panel with its online NetView panel.

Based on that data, Microsoft will create a customized target audience based off TV viewership and online behaviors and then run the a campaign across multiple Microsoft properties.

Subsequently, advertisers will be able to measure the actual tune-in from people who saw the online campaigns, Joslyn Moore, Microsoft Advertising general manager of scale media, wrote in a blog post announcing the pilot Monday.

"So, if advertisers are looking to capture food enthusiasts for the launch of a new cooking show or networks are looking to drive Moms to primetime programing, they can leverage our exciting new service," Moore wrote.

Initially the Television Online Effect pilot program will focus entertainment advertisers but it's the "first of several broadcast connected offerings that we plan to release in future," Moore added.