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Michael Powell Named NCTA President

As expected, former FCC Chairman Michael Powell has been named the successor to NCTA President Kyle McSlarrow, who is joining Comcast in Washington next month.

Powell is currently chairman of the MKPowell Group and a senior adviser to Providence Equity Partners.

Powell's first day on the job at NCTA will be April 25.

Unlike Republican FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, who proved McSlarrow's and cable's nemesis on issues like a la carte and cable pricing and network management, Powell was a deregulatory chairman who focused on marketplace mechanisms to spread broadband via cable, telephone and even power lines.

Powell served as both commissioner and chairman, and before that was chief of staff of the antitrust division at the Justice Department.

He is a graduate of Georgetown Law, William & Mary undergrad, and is on the boards of AOL and Cisco, among others, as well as an adjunct professor at Catholic University.

"Michael Powell is one of the most well respected and influential
visionaries in all of telecommunications, and we're so proud to have him join
the cable team," said Patrick J. Esser, Chair of the NCTA Board of
Directors and President, Cox Communications. "Michael's exemplary record
of leadership, deep commitment to public service, and vast insight into public
policy make him an ideal fit to lead our industry in Washington, D.C., as we
address the regulatory challenges that lie ahead and continue to help policy
makers understand cable's commitment to jobs, investment, and innovation."

"I congratulate my friend, Michael Powell, on taking over the
helm of NCTA," said FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, whose name had also
surfaced as a possible candidate. "I have known him since he first became
a commissioner in 1997. Whether serving at the Commission both as a
commissioner and as chairman; advising the investment community; leading the
board of our shared alma mater, William and Mary; practicing law; or serving in
uniform with distinction, Michael has always exhibited the best attributes of
leadership. His intellect and vision will serve NCTA and its members well as
the cable industry faces increasing competitive and regulatory challenges. I
look forward to working with him in his new capacity."

"Michael is an outstanding individual who
brings great commitment and integrity to his work, whether in public or private
service," said Providence CEO Jonathan Nelson.  "While he will
be missed here at Providence, where we share his passionate interest in media
and communications, we know he will serve the NCTA members extremely
well.  Given our cable investments and partnerships with many NCTA
members, we'll look forward to working with Michael in his new role for many
years to come."