One of the most important things I’ve learned is that
diversity is good business, and that you have to work
to be inclusive. We appeal to the entire demographic,
and from a human perspective, diversity is certainly
something we embrace.

But it is also about embracing a diversity of ideas and
being able to be inclusive of new and different models.
So, diversity and inclusion has kind of taken on a broader
and more rich meaning to me than it used to have, and I
would extend it to products and technology and business
models. So, rather than stiff-arming the competition, it’s
about figuring out how you accommodate diverse ideas;
how do you include these kind of new approaches.

If we can provide people with access to their communication,
information, entertainment on all their
devices and give them control of everything that they
are passionate about—email, text messaging, telephone
services, TV shows, movies—that will be extremely
powerful and put us in a very good position.
Even if they are passionate about consuming Netflix,
we’re fine with that because we can help them do that.