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A Message From Broadcasters Foundation President Gordon Hastings:

We are honored to participate in this evening’s celebration of excellence. Each of tonight’s honorees takes their rightful place in the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

This evening, as we celebrate great accomplishment, the Broadcasters Foundation of America reminds us that, by giving back to an industry that has been kind to so many, we remember and honor those who are less fortunate.

The mission of the Broadcasters Foundation of America is to improve the quality of life and maintain the personal dignity of men and women in the radio and television broadcast profession who find themselves in acute need. The foundation reaches out across America to identify them and provide an anonymous safety net in cases of critical illness, advanced age, death of a spouse, accident and other serious misfortune.

The reality is that bad things can happen to good people, and the Broadcasters Foundation of America is your personal emissary in making sure that individuals who have made their own great contributions to radio and television are not forgotten during their time of special need. As one broadcaster who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina said, “Knowing that others in the industry care about me and my family has helped sustain our spirits during this devastating disaster.”

Giving back is about caring and personal character. We are grateful to Broadcasting & Cable and to all of you who are in attendance for sharing your good fortune with the less fortunate by supporting the outreach of the Broadcasters Foundation of America.

Persons wishing to learn more about us and to support our mission may contact us at 7 Lincoln Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.

On behalf of the Broadcasters Foundation of America Board of Directors, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

Gordon Hastings


Broadcasters Foundation of America