Mediamorph Launches ‘Studio Connect’

Mediamorph, a company that helps film studios manage the digital distribution of their content, has launch of Studio Connect, a cloud-based platform that automates title avails consolidation, management and publishing to the EMA Avails specification and other output formats like the CableLabs ADI (asset distribution interface).

Studio Connect, the company said, is designed to make digital distribution more efficient for major studios and build on its ability to help studios track, manage and automate what they distribute to and receive from their partners.

Content providers with a large and growing number of digital licensees must pull together titles, avail dates, pricing and metadata from disparate systems for thousands of films and TV shows, the company said, noting that the process is often manual, expensive and error-prone.  To complete the data delivery, licensees often require title avails and metadata delivered in a standard format like EMA or ADI.

Mediamorph said Studio Connect automates that process by streamlining the consolidation of titles, avails, pricing and metadata.