For corporate news, video press releases, electronic press kits, photos or other public-relations materials for the television industry, Medialink is the place to find it.

Its news items are transmitted via the Medialink/AP Express Broadcast Network, a system that pipes video news releases directly into newsroom computers. The daily real-time circuit transmits news alerts, full manuscripts of upcoming satellite-delivered video news releases, electronic press kits, live broadcasts and satellite media tours.

Each video news release on the Medialink/AP Express Broadcast Network is produced by Medialink and provided free for unrestricted use in news programming. Releases can be tailored to the specific newscast with editing, including stripping the piece of narration.

Wirepix, the service's gallery of photo stills, includes shots of business leaders, technological innovations, new products, magazine covers, corporate logos and other graphics, which can be distributed to television stations, newswires and magazines.

Beyond news coverage, the company also produces and distributes short Public Service Announcements to community-service and public-affairs directors at more than 700 television stations. Notification of PSAs are available on the AP Express/Medialink Newswire.-B.S.