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Mediacom vs. Sinclair: The Battle Continues

Mediacom has fired the latest volley in its retransmission consent battle with Sinclair, appealing a complaint against the broadcaster to the full commission.

The cable company had telegraphed the move last week saying it planned to appeal the decision by the FCC's Media Bureau that Sinclair was not

negotiating in bad faith


Sinclair has been asking more in carriage fees for 22 of its stations than Mediacom is willing to pay, so Sinclair Friday (January 5) told Mediacom to pull the stations from their cable systems and encouraged its viewers to sign up with satellite company DirecTV.

In calling for the full commission appeal, Mediacom General Counsel Joseph Young said that the Media Bureau decision "conflicts with established law and relies on erroneous findings of fact."

Sinclair also has a retransmission fight brewing with Comcast.