Mediacom Shows Q3 Improvements

Mediacom Communications continued to improve its lot in the third quarter, reducing video customer losses to 8,000 in the period while growing revenue and cash flow by more than 5%.

Revenue at the mid-sized cable operator grew 5.2% to $454.2 million in the period while operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) rose at the same pace to $169.1 million. Driving the results was an increase in high-speed data customers – 17,000 in the recent quarter compared to 16,000 last year. Telephone customer increased by 13,000 in the period, compared to 9,000 last year.

Mediacom also managed to cut its basic video customer losses in half – the 8,000 it lost in the period compares to a loss of 17,000 in Q3 2015. The high-speed data and phone gains helped drive overall primary service units up by 22,000, or 4% in the period. Mediacom has about 834,000 video customers in the Midwestern, Southern and Western portions of the country.