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Mediacom Lights Up 1-Gig in Georgia

Mediacom Communications said it has launched 1-Gig service across its Georgia network footprint, with the DOCSIS 3.1-based offering now available to about 275,000 homes passed there.

The rollout follows similar, recent launches in parts of Minnesota; Huntsville, Ala; portions of southern Tennessee, and Mediacom's network footprint in Iowa.

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Mediacom upgraded its network to D3.1 last year and is now in the process of launching services that take advantage of the multi-gig-capable platform for HFC networks and eventually reach 3 million homes and businesses in its 22 state footprint.

Mediacom said it has launched 1-Gig to more than 600 communities and will add more throughout the year as more D3.1 modems become available.

In its initial D3.1 launch markets, Mediacom has been selling a 1-Gig (downstream) service, paired with upstream speeds up to 50 Mbps, at $139.99 per month as a standalone, with a “promotional package offers” that will also be announced at a later date.  Mediacom’s DOCSIS 3.1-based 1-Gig offering comes with a monthly data limit of 6 terabytes before overage charges are applied ($10 for each additional bucket of 50 GB of usage).

Mediacom has also been launching a new 500 Mbps tier of service where it’s introducing the 1-Gig product.

“Today, we live in a world that is driven by technology,” said State Representative Ed Rynders, Chairman of the House Governmental Affairs Committee in the Georgia General Assembly, in a statement. “Speed matters in our global economy, and the investments Mediacom has made to make ultra-fast broadband available to more than a quarter million homes in southwest Georgia provides a huge economic advantage to our citizens.”