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Mediacom Broadens 1-Gig Reach

Mediacom Communications said it has launched DOCSIS 3.1-fueled 1 Gbps broadband service across its Huntsville, Ala., service footprint and other areas where it serves residential and business customers in the northern part of the state and in southern Tennessee.

In addition to Huntsville, today’s launch also includes Madison County and Limestone County, Ala., and Giles County and Lincoln County, Tenn.

Huntsville continues to be a gigabit hotbed. Comcast announced this week that it plans to offer 1-Gig broadband there later this year using DOCSIS 3.1. Huntsville  is also home to  some fiber-based gigabit services from AT&T and from a local municipality that is teaming up with Google Fiber and other partners. 

The latest service launch follows last month’s launch of 1-Gig service across its Iowa footprint, and its announcement late last year 2016 that Mediacom would upgrade its network to D3.1 by the end of 2016.

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Last month, Mediacom said its 1-Gig (downstream) service,  paired with upstream speeds up to 50 Mbps, is priced at $139.99 per month as a standalone, along with “promotional package offers” that will also be announced at a later date.  Along with 1-Gig, Mediacom is also introducing a new 500 Mbps broadband service.

Mediacom’s DOCSIS 3.1-based 1-Gig offering comes with a monthly data limit of 6 terabytes before overage charges are applied ($10 for each additional bucket of 50 GB of usage). 

Mediacom’s plan is to bring gigabit broadband services to “virtually all” of the 3 million homes and businesses served in its 22 state footprint. So far, Mediacom has launched 1 Gbps service to more than 350 communities.

“In addition to enhancing speeds for residential and small business customers today, the Gigasphere platform we have deployed also lays the groundwork for offering multi-Gig services in the future,” Mediacom CTO JR Walden said, in a statement. “This next generation technology is an excellent complement to the Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions that Mediacom Business has been offering local businesses in our markets for many years.”