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Media Sales Vet Richard "Dick" Newman Passes Away at 73

Media Sales veteren Richard "Dick" Newman passed away at the age of 73 on Sept. 3.

A copy of his obituary, written by David Feinblatt, president and GM, WLNY TV10/55 is below:

It is with heartfelt sadness that I share the news about
Dick Newman's passing on September 3,
2011, at the age of 73.Dick enjoyed a long and colorful career in broadcasting,
with a heavy concentration in radio sales. After graduating Ithaca
College in 1960, Dick got his feet

wet with media sales, working as an Account Executive at several prominent rep
firms of that time. This set him up for his first major sales management
position when he joined WPIX-FM in June of 1972, being promoted to General
Sales Manager in 1973, where he stayed through 1977. During the late 70's and
early 80's, Dick held sales management positions with the Media Corporation of
America, John Blair & Company, and RKO Radio Sales, where he became Manager
of their Radio Syndication department. In 1985, Dick, along with Ed Milarski, formed
REMN Communications, where he was VP of Sales. Throughout the late 80's, Dick
was a consultant for several national radio program syndicators. 1990 saw the
return of Dick to local radio as he joined WRCN/WRHD on Long Island
as Local Sales Manager. He progressed on to General Sales Manager when WRCN
acquired WMJC for Long Island's first duopoly. Before
Dick left Long Island for warmer winters in Royal Palm
Beach, Florida, he enjoyed a stop
at Cox's WBLI as a Senior Account Executive. Upon his relocation for
"semi-retirement" in Florida, he
worked as General Manager of Robinson Media Group and consulted for Money Mailer.I had the pleasure of working with Dick during his WRCN days
when I served as General Manager. Dick was a very unique individual who brought
old world skills, charm, and a style of selling to the modern day world of spot
sales. He was one of the few "old school guys" who successfully transitioned
into the world of new technology with his laptop, using e-mail and every other
available online tool for selling advertising. Dick made some people cry, but
he made many more laugh. He loved teaching and mentoring young protégés, giving
many account executives their first job in radio sales, but as a senior member
of most staffs, he also enjoyed being the student, staying fresh with "new
school" ideas. Dick left this world with many unsung accomplishments in our

He is survived by his wife Carol; three children from his
first marriage, Steven, Susan, and Stacey; and 7 grandchildren.