Media Mogul Wine Tasting

For many entertainment bigwigs, their wine operation is every bit as crucial as the Bentley and beach house. With the holidays upon us, we put several media players’ wines to the test. After their camps told us which of their creations go best with the traditional holiday poultry feast, we conducted a blind tasting at New York restaurant Cibo. Our three panelists were Bruce Yung, sommelier at Manhattan hotspot davidburke & donatella; Cibo maitre d’ James Latz; and, representing the novice quaffer, B&C Deputy Editor Michael Malone. 6 The inaugural Flash! B&C Media Mogul Wine title goes to…Richard Parsons! The Time Warner chief’s Il Palazzone took top honors, averaging 4 out of a maximum 5 points from our judges. Salut!