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Even the smartest, richest, most powerful media moguls need help. Like Comcast, they need help launching an attack. Or like AT&T, they need help defending themselves. Or like News Corp.'s long stalking of DirecTV, they need to beg for money. That's where investment bankers come in. Whether big Wall Street players or smaller specialty shops, they know who might invest, who might lend or who might buy it all. This directory lists the key players, chosen because they've done big media deals lately or they've been media boutiques over many years.


55 East 52 St.

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-409-1000

Fax: 212-409-6167

Contacts: Ivan Lustig, Gerald Cromack, Stuart Katz

Recent deals:

  • Co-manager for Cox Communications on $926M 2 tranche convertible offering.
  • Financial adviser to Endemol Entertainment Holding N.V. on $5.3B sale to Telefonica S.A.

The skinny:The combination of two Dutch commercial banks wanted to create a "borderless" investment bank. But lately, the company is considering refocusing more on more pedestrian retail banking operations.

Barclays Capital

101 California St., Ste. 1800

San Francisco, CA 94111



Contacts:Andrew Wynn, Craig Lewis, John Webb

Recent deals:

  • Syndication agent for Nexstar Finance, $275M senior secured facilities.
  • Managing agent for Clear Channel Communications, $1.5B revolving credit facility.

The skinny: Division of venerable British bank well-known for drawing on worldwide pools of money on behalf of clients. In the U.S., sought out primarily to place debt.

Bear Stearns & Co.

245 Park Ave.

New York, NY 10167

Phone: 212-272-2000

Fax: 212-272-8296

Contact: Richard M. Osler

Recent deals:

  • Adviser to News Corp. on pending $5.3B sale of Fox Family Worldwide to Disney.
  • Adviser to Cablevision Systems on $1.8B sale of Cablevision of Boston to AT&T.

The skinny: One of the biggest hitters in media finance. Strong in junk bonds, merger advice, equity sales.

BMO Nesbitt Burns

3 Times Square, 29th Floor

New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-758-6300

Fax: 212-605-1648

Contacts: Robert Nolan, Bruce Eatroff, Yvonne Bos

Recent deals:

  • Underwrote a $150M senior secured credit facility for ICBC B'cast Holdings.
  • Underwrote a $22.5M senior credit facility to Smith Broadcasting Group.

The skinny: Unit of Bank of Montreal, one of the longtime Canadian lenders to cable. Assists in bond sales and loan syndications.

CIBC World Markets Corp.

425 Lexington Ave.

New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212-856-4000

Fax: 212-885-4901

Contacts: William Lisecky, Brian Gonick, Reid Murray

Recent deals:

  • Exclusive financial adviser to PNE Media in regard to the company's sale of assets for $142.8M.
  • Administrative agent,sole lead arranger and bookrunner in Adams Outdoor's $265M credit facility.

The skinny: Unit of Canandian Imperial Bank, a major lender to cable and broadcast station groups in years when it wasn't fashionable. World Markets primarily places debt.

Communications Equity Assoc. LLC

101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 3300

Tampa, FL33602

Phone: 813-226-8844

Fax: 813-225-1513

Contacts: Stephan Goetz, Michael Garstin, Thomas J. MacCrory

Recent deals:

  • Represented Liberty Livewire Corp. when it acquired Group W Network Services from Viacom.
  • Financial adviser to EON Communications, a startup broadband communications company, and arranged $383M of financing.

The skinny: Boutique media specialist, branched out early into international deals.

Daniels & Associates

711 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY 10019

Phone: 800-443-8508

Fax: 212-863-4859

Contacts: David Tolliver, Robert Whyte, Peter Markham

Recent deals:

  • Has handled virtually all AT&T Broadband's system sales and swaps.
  • Represented Council Tree Hispanic Broadcasters in the acquisition of certain equity rights from Telemundo Communications Group Inc. for $181M.

The skinny: Player in the early cable days. These days, does almost as much business in cellular as in cable. Handles some small financings but is best-known for sales of groups of cable and phone properties.

Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown

One South St.,

Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410-895-4341

Fax: 410-895-2454

Contacts: Jeff Amling, Christian Thun-Hohnstein

Recent deals:

  • Joint adviser to SES for pending acquisition of GE Americom.
  • Adviser, Clear Channel for $324M equity offering for sale of Lamar Advertising

The skinny: Full service, armed with the lending clout of its German banking parent. Stronger in TV and radio.

First Union Securities

301 South College St., 4th Floor

Charlotte, NC 28288-0735

Phone: 704-715-6000

Fax: 704-715-1997

Contacts: Bruce Levy, Jim Wood

Recent deals:

  • Co-manager for Nexstar Broadcasting Group's $160M senior subordinated notes.
  • Arranger and administrative agent for Quincy Newspapers in $180M senior credit facility to finance the acquisition of five TV stations from Shockley Comm.

The skinny: Regional commercial bank that has grown with a strong bond unit.

Frank Boyle & Co., LLC

2001 W. Main St., Ste. 280

Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: 203-969-2020

Fax: 203-316-0800

Contact: Frank Boyle

Recent deals:

  • Broker of $1.95M asset sale of WEBK-FM Rutland, Vt., from Killington Broadcasting Ltd. to Pamal Broadcasting Ltd.
  • Broker of $1.35M stock sale of WWWT-AM/WCVR-FM Barre/Randolf, Vt., from Stokes Communications to Excalibur Media Holdings.
  • Broker of $5.35M stock sale of WRNJ-FM Allentown, Pa., from Radio New Jersey to Big City Radio.

The skinny: Longtime broadcast broker.

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

85 Broad St.

New York, NY 10004

Phone: 212-902-1000

Contacts: Joe Ravitch, Mitch Scherzer, Ted Niedermayer

Recent deals:

  • Advised Disney on its acquisition of Fox Family Worldwide.
  • Advised Cinven Group on $1.6B sale of IPC Group PLC to AOL Time Warner.

The skinny: One of the biggest players in any industry.

Kalil & Co.3444 N. Country Club, Ste. 200, Tucson, AZ 85716

Phone: 520-795-1050

Fax: 520-322-0584

Contacts: Frank Kalil, Fred Kalil, Kelly Callan

Recent deals:

  • Shockley Communications to Quincy Newspapers for $171M.
  • Citadel Broadcasting to Millennium Broadcasting for $19.4M.

The skinny: Station broker.

Lazard Frères

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10020

Phone: 212-632-6000

Fax: 212-332-5381

Contacts: Marcus Agius, Robert Hougie, Peter Shawn

Recent deals:

  • Advised Vivendi SA on $57.5B purchase. of Seagram Co. and Canal Plus SA.
  • Advised Terra Networks SA on its acquisition of Lycos Inc. for $12.6B.

The skinny: Top-tier advisers on mergers. Loss of biggest media specialist, Steve Rattner, hasn't slowed its media business.

Lehman Brothers

3 World Financial Center

New York, NY 10285

Phone: (212) 526-7000

Fax: (212) 526-4924

Contacts: Jack Langer, Alan Mnuchin

Recent deals:

  • Ran joint books for Reed Elsevier (owner of B&C) on $1.5B high-grade bonds.
  • Joint lead manager for the Walt Disney Co. on $1.5B high-grade bonds.

The skinny: Thought to be near death a few years ago, Lehman bounced back. Known for bonds, mergers, derivatives.

Merrill Lynch & Co.

4 World Financial Center, 29th floor

New York, NY 10281

Phone: (212) 449-7007

Contacts: Gregg Seibert, Louis Zachary, Teresa Miles, Robert Wigley

Recent deals:

  • Financial adviser to Comcast on potential merger with AT&T Broadband (pending).
  • Financial adviser to GM on potential sale of GM Hughes (pending).

The skinny: Huge in all areas, including mergers, equity, junk bonds and conventional corporate bonds. Beefed up team last year by poaching CSFB bankers.

Morgan Stanley

1585 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-761-4000

Fax: 212-761-0260

Contacts: Bea Cassou, Paul J. Taubman, Andrew Tisdale

Recent deals:

  • Financial adviser to Time Warner in AOL merger with Time Warner.
  • Adviser to Viacom in merger with CBS.

The skinny: Among largest, dominant in mergers, IPOs and junk bonds.

Quadrangle Group LLC

375 Park Ave.,

New York, NY 10152

Phone: 212-418-1700

Fax: 212-418-1701

Contacts: Peter R. Ezersky, Steven Rattner, Joshua L. Steiner

Recent deals:

  • Assisting Comcast in $60B offer to merge with ATT Broadband (pending).
  • Assisted New York Times in sale ofGolf Digestto Advance Publications.

The skinny: Started by ex-Lazard Frères media hitters Steven Rattner and Peter R. Ezersky, primarily a private equity fund, investing in deals. Also collecting fees giving merger advice, notably in longtime client Comcast's chase after AT&T Broadband.

Richard A. Foreman Associates

330 Emery Dr. East

Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: 203-327-2800

Fax: 203-967-9393

Contact: Dick Foreman

Recent deals:

  • Represented seller in sale of 18-station GoodStar radio group to Waitt Media for undisclosed price.
  • Represented seller in sale of nine-station Cumulus Media group to Clear Channel for approximately $7M.

The skinny: Longtime station broker.

Salomon Smith Barney

388 Greenwich St.

New York, NY 10013

Phone: 212-816-6000

Fax: 212-816-5708

Contacts: Christina Mohr, Daniel Richards, Fehmi Zeko

Recent deals:

  • Adviser to Mediacom in $2.2B acquisition and $2.3B financing of selected AT&T Broadband's cable systems.
  • Adviser to AOL in AOL's $183B merger with Time Warner.

The skinny: Another powerhouse, handling the biggest deals and drawing on the capital base of fellow Citigroup subsidiaries, insurance group Travellers and commercial lender Citibank.

SG Cowen Securities Corp.

One Financial Sq.

New York, NY 10005

Phone: 212-495-6545

Fax: 212-269-9774

Contact: Edward Hatch

Recent deals:

  • Co-manager, $1B Blockbuster IPO
  • Co-manager, $3B Infinity B'casting IPO

The skinny: A division of French commercial bank Société Général, Cowen has long been a specialist in healthcare and technology, scoring big in the Internet boom. Parent company's capital base helps.

UBS Warburg LLC

299 Park Ave.

New York, NY 10171

Phone: 212-821-3000

Fax: 212-821-3285

Contacts: David Walker, 212-713-8502; Denise Kazmier, 212-713-3090

Recent deals:

  • Co-advised Cinven when AOL Time Warner agreed to acquire IPC Group Ltd., for approximately $1.6B.
  • Sole lead for EchoStar, raising $1B via a sole-led convertible bond offering.

The skinny: The Union Bank of Switzerland is an amalgam of several recent Wall Street houses. Snagged Morgan Stanley star banker Jeff Sine.

Veronis Suhler

350 Park Ave.

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-935-4990

Fax: 212-381-8168

Contacts: James P. Rutherford, Jeffrey T. Stevenson

Recent deals:

  • Initiator, financial adviser and negotiator for Fast Company Media Group LLC in sale to G+J USA.
  • Initiator, financial adviser, negotiator and exclusive representative of VS&A Communications Partners III LP in acquisition of Phillips Business Information.

The skinny: The longtime newspaper and magazine specialist is well-known for annual media forecasts. The company has also raised the biggest media-specific private equity fund.

Waller Capital Corp.

30 Rockefeller Plaza, Ste. 4350

New York, NY 10112

Phone: 212-632-3600

Fax: 212-632-3607

Contacts: John Waller III

  • Advised Bresnan Communications $3.1 billion sale to Charter.
  • Advised GS Communications on $725 million cable system sale to Adelphia Communications

The skinny: A specialist in cable systems, has branched into small telecom mergers and raised two private equity funds.